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This 144-square-foot tiny house is known as 359. It can be rotated to chase light, regulate heat or to change the view. Design and owned by Oregon based, PATH Architecture and is now in a property of a friend of PATH owner.

Due to its uniqueness of being able to be rotated, the unit uses minimal heating and most lightly lighting too as most area can be lighted by natural light.

Unit can be either be design for off-grid or on grid. Deigning the utilities of the house had to take into account the fact that the unit can be rotated. Therefore these are located to the center of the house to prevent entanglement and is also the reason why the house can only rotate 359 degrees, hence the name 359.

Well according to the designers, they are working on a unit that can turn 360 degrees.

The cost of the house for an off-grid version is $90,000 and with non off-grid with full plumbing and electrical hookups is $145,000 at the point of writing this article.

Here is a view from the top part of the 395.

Apparently rotating the house is easy and as the saying goes, “even a child could do it” as can be seen in the video below.  And in our opinion, if so required, rotating it can be motorized.

Source: PATH Architecture’s 359 is a tiny house that can be manually rotated to chase sunlight.