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About us

I got to know about the tiny house movement when I happened to come across it through surfing the Internet many years back.  I still remembered that I was impressed with the movement and with the designs of the tiny houses. In particular I am impressed with the design that makes the efficient use of the small spaces.

Over the years, the tiny house movement had grown and as well as the wealth of information online. I had always wanted to compile and  collect these resources into a place where I can refer to and as well shared with other like minded people. Thus I finally get myself to setup this blog.

This blog has four categories.

1 ) Tiny Houses Roundup – This category is like a virtual tour of houses build by owners themselves or tiny house models offer by companies.

2)  Tiny Space Utilization – Here we take at look at the various ingenious ways of how tiny spaces are utilized for maximum efficiency and function. Be it in the living spaces, sleeping areas, kitchen and bathroom.

3)  Articles and news – A category of articles and news about the tiny house movement.

4) Resources –  A collection of resources related to tiny houses.

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