Hello DESKTOP world!

New Frontier Tiny Homes has come out with a more affordable tiny house model known as The Cedar Tiny House, costing $69,000.   This option is provided after the unveiling their other model known as Alpha Tiny House, which cost $95,000 and this cost might be out of the affordability of most tiny home buyers.

This is how it looks like for the price of $69,0000.

Inside, the living space, it  has a long bench with storage space under the bench.

Opening the long bench reveals the storage section and by folding away the table, this space is converted into a ….

Sleeping space. Cool isn’t it?

A view of the kitchen area and some storage space up the loft.

The view of the bathroom and the loft bedroom. Portable access ladder is neatly stored to the side.

A closer view of the sink and kitchen top made of aluminum.

Source: Cedar Mountain Tiny House Affordable Option from New Frontier – Tiny House Blog