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This is simply a beautiful tree house perched high up amount the trees in a wooded area in Belfair, Washington and sits on 1.3 acres of private wooded land.

A photo showing a closer view of the front. The color of the house blends in nicely with the wooded surroundings.

The interior is painted in light green. From the photos there isn’t any kitchen but a stove is available. There couch serves as a sleeping area as well as the small loft above.

There some space available for installing a kitchenette. At the moment it is occupied by these twin wicker chairs.

This is how the exterior part or the surrounding of the tiny house. There is a stream and lots of greens and wooded area. Thus making it a perfect get away area for a weekend retreat.

There is no mentioned about electricity or water supply or toilet facilities. Presumably they are available. The house is up for sale and so this is something the new owners need to take note of.

Below is a quote from the source of this article.

If you’ve always dreamed of living in a treehouse or just vacationing in one, you’re going to love this listing on Zillow! This tiny house is perched high in the trees in Belfair, Washington and sits on 1.3 acres of private wooded land. It’s currently listed for $32,000 making it an affordable vacation home that your family would cherish for years to come!

Source: Beautifully Simplistic Tiny House High in the Trees on 1.3 Acres – Tiny Houses