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The fans are Don Duffield and Tanya Ward and the resulting tiny house is a 24 feet by 8.5 feet wide build on a trailer. The resulting size is 280 sq ft.

The couple had build the tiny house as a part time project and they had incorporated the best of what they had seen from the TV show “Tiny House Hunter”

After building for 4 months plus, they completed the house in March 2016. They had then taken the tiny house on tours and offering their tiny house building services.

In the meantime, the tiny house that they built is being offer for sale and you can check the listing here.

Nevertheless, we are going to tour the house through a series of photographs below and starting with the living room.

As can be seen, the living area has a sofa couch and the cute chair that fits perfectly in the little nook. Built-in shelving, hanging flat screen TV and a mini-loft give tons of room for storage.

Just beside the living room is the kitchen. A small table can be popped up when needed. It can be folded flat against the kitchen cabinet when not in use.

This is another view of the kitchen and the facilities available.

And just opposite the kitchen is the stairs to the loft area. Below the stairs, you can note the built in storage areas for a refrigerator and others.

Here is the washing machine and the dryer on top.

Next is the utilities room where the bathroom, toilet and laundry room are merged. The bath area has a huge tub and shower combo. This is rather luxurious.



A view of the loo. There is a sliding door which can be used when privacy is required. It can be seen on the right side of the photo below.

Finally we are dropping by the sleeping area at the loft.

The comfy bed comfortably sleeps two.  And the window in the background offers a nice view outside as well as allows natural light to flow in.

This tiny house incorporates the builder’s favorite things that they like in the TV series “Tiny House Hunter” and the result is a very comfortable living space for 2. The house has no off-grid capabilities and needed to be hooked to this services when used. Nevertheless this is one charming tiny house that we had seem so far.

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