Hello DESKTOP world!

Here are a bunch of tiny houses we came across in the site Imgur. The first one is on stilts…perhaps it is a fusion of a tree house and tiny house into one.


Tall and Tiny and modern

Ultra-modern, tall and tiny

Tiny houses on trees or just tree houses. This pair of tiny houses looks kind of gloomy. Perhaps is the settings used in taking this photographs. We can’t imagine how people will be able to stay well in these houses. Surely they will sway in strong winds and the occupants may get motion sickness. Also getting to and off these houses is inconvenient.

Tree houses

Finally someone built a tiny house using logs. It is modern looking too.

Log House

The final image is of a tiny house interior. We don’t know how it looks in the exterior but the theme is white and the well design interior looks so comfy that we don’t mind snugging in it.

My favorite interior.