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A tiny house in Sweden had been built into a medieval wall, making it one of the most unique tiny house in Sweden, if not the world.

The home in located in the city of Visby on the island of Gotland and has an areas of just over 500 square feet. This is large enough to contain 3 bedrooms that can accommodate 6 people. This how it looks like from the outside.

It looks pretty small from the outside, but we think it is just a perspective perception due to the overwhelming size of the ancient wall in the background.

However once inside, you be amazed. Exposed ceiling beams and the high roofs makes the space bigger.

Below is the kitchen area of the house.

And here is the shot from above looking towards the kitchen and dinning area.

The bedrooms and beds.

Bedroom walls painted white to complement the natural lighting from the windows.

And perhaps this is the most unique feature of this house, the second living area which is located beside the exposed ancient wall. The owner had been thoughtful by placing some furnishes in the area thus turning it into a cozy corner. Great place for late night conversation or just a great place to chill.

At the time of writing the owner had offer this tiny house for sale at a price of $500,000.

History buffs will fall in love with this quaint Swedish farmhouse. It was built in the late 1600s, is nestled into the town’s fortress-like medieval walls and used to be the home of the town executioner. Sure, some might find that last fact a bit dark, but you’ll hardly remember it when you see the cheerful red and blue exterior.

Source: Swedish Home Built Into Medieval Wall – Unique Home in Sweden