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Came across this article which we think is a topic seldom addressed. As the article stated, emergencies are a part of life and can happened at any time, it is best to be prepared. This article address the issue from a tiny house perspective.

According to the article if there is a need to evacuate, then do it systematically and have emergency bags for each of the family members. Make sure important documents are protected by storing them in water proof storage.

Then if there is no evacuation required but a need to hunker down then make sure there is enough food and power in the house. Perhaps the windows need to be covered with plywood but this really depends on the situation.

Nevertheless the article is an easy read and informative . Visit the source below for more details.

Things happen. Emergencies are a part of life. Some we may be prepared for and others may catch us by surprise. Either way, there is no reason to be completely unprepared. Living in a small space simply is not a reason for not having some basic preparations should you have to evacuate, go without power, …

Source: Preparing For An Emergency In Your Tiny House – Tiny House Blog