Hello DESKTOP world!

We came across a blog called Wood and Wheels by Stoph and Anna, a couple in their twenties and who are just starting to build their own tiny house. When we came across this blog, they had already received the foundation of their tiny house.

The foundation is a custom made trailer on wheels. The dimensions are 7.6m by 2.4m and this is also the size of their future tiny house. This is how the trailer looks like.

Conceptual design of the tiny house is completed and will be 7.6m by 2.4m featuring two lofts. Their needs, like storage of their bikes and sports equipment are taken into consideration in the design. Below is a sketch of how it looks like.

Well the building journey for Stoph and Anna had just started. It will definitely be exciting and we wish them the best. We will surely drop-by again for updates.

Source: Another Tiny House Story – Wood and Wheels