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Building a tiny house can be intimidating and a huge undertakings.  As a way to ease the headache and overcoming the more difficult part of the building process, one can now purchase  one of the many a tiny house shell from Tiny House Basic.

Tiny House shells

What is a tiny house shell?

They are custom built tiny houses on trailers with the external work and interior insulation done. So what is left is for the owner to complete the interior part like furnishing and facilities of the house.

Tiny house basic is run by a couple Joshua and Shelley who are living in their own 374 square foot tiny house.

And if the owners wanted a hands free approach, the company can complete the interior part too for a fee.

Here are some  models of tiny house shells offered by Tiny House Basic. Their smallest models start from 12 feet to the largest size of 28 feet.

Here is a 12 feet model.


A 20 feet model.


A 28 foot model.


They too sell the trailers separately.


For more details, info and free quotes please visit the website Tiny House Basic.