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Tiny Space Utilization

This page is a collection of how space in tiny houses is utilized efficiently for optimal performance and usage. In-order to achieve this, the owners must first know what they wanted and what they do not want in the house. Then the designer working closely with the owners will come out with the design that is satisfactory, functional and offers a degree of comfort too.

Below is a compilation of how the spaces of tiny houses are utilized for storage, bedrooms, living rooms , kitchen, bathrooms and toilets. All of theses are being continuously curated online, thus it is a work in progress. So do drop by every now and then for the latest updates.

1)  Storage Under The Stairs
Here we look at the various ways owners of tiny house had utilized this space for storage or usage.

Storage Ideas Under The Stairs

2) Kitchen Ideas of Tiny Houses
A collection of kitchens ideas curated online. Note the ways shelves for storage are built and arrangement of cooking equipment and utensils.

Kitchens of Tiny Houses

3) Bedroom Ideas of Tiny Houses
A compilation of the various ways bedrooms are designed and built in tiny houses.

The Bedrooms Of Tiny Houses

4) Bathroom and toilet Ideas of Tiny Houses
In this page is a collection of bathroom and toilet designs of tiny houses.

Bathrooms and Toilets of Tiny Houses

5) Living Room Ideas of Tiny Houses
Another collection of ideas of living rooms from various tiny houses.

Living Room Ideas of Tiny Houses

6) Other Space Utilization Ideas in a Tiny House
This section is a collection of other space usage ideas in a tiny house.

Other Space Utilization Ideas Of Tiny Houses

7) External Space Utilization Ideas of a Tiny House
The exterior part of a tiny house can provide opportunity for storage as well as other usage. Here we curated the type of usage of external part of tiny houses.

Exterior Space Utilization Of Tiny Houses

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