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The Tiny Solar House is built on top of an 18 foot trailer and currently according to its blog, it is touring across continental USA.  As quoted in the blog and shared below.

Tiny Solar House is a journey across America in an off-grid mobile tiny house powered by solar energy.

The Tiny Solar House measures approximately 18 feet long and 9 feet wide, which is about 5.5m in length by 2.7m wide. Materials used is mainly cedar wood. The owners decided this tiny house to be off-grid, thus it is not relying on any electrical or sewage links.

For power, the unit is powered by solar energy and  has a composing toilet for the sewage system. Therefore this tiny house can be towed to any place where the owner wish to go.

Now coming to the interesting part, a “tour” of the the interior of the house and see how the space is being utilized. First the exterior portion of the house.

Next is the interior, starting with the kitchen:

More views of the kitchen. Notice the way the knives are stored. That’s magnet power! An idea to take note of.

More photo shots of the kitchen.

Moving on to the living room. Here is how it looks like. Note the fordable tables and the projector screen of the home entertainment system.

Another view of the living space showing a staircase on the side leading to the sleeping area in the loft.

And here is how the sleeping area is.

More views of the sleeping area.

With that, the tour ends here.We wish the couple a safe and fruitful in their journey through out America.

You can visit their blog below for more details.

Source: About The Tiny House | Tiny Solar House